Office 2019 Professional Plus Digital License

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Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications.

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Office 2019 Professional Plus Digital License

Buy the activation license for Office 2019 Professional Plus at the best price at Mydigitallicense. Order now and we will send you the activation key for Office 2019 Professional Plus directly by email. This is a one-time license and the activation key is only valid for 1 PC installation.

This Office 2019 Professional Plus product key gives you the possibility to activate the software anywhere in the world, you can activate the software on your home or office computers. We offer affordable pricing and a lifetime warranty on all our activation licenses.


Download Office 2019 Professional Plus

Download Office 2019 Professional Plus ISO image directly without ads and without viruses. Just click on the link below:

Download Office 2019 Professional Plus



Microsoft 2019 Professional Plus is the leading business suite worldwide. In this new version of Office 2019, all of the programs have been updated with more powerful features and better cloud integration, making it easier for you to accomplish more in less time. Word 2019, Excel 2019, PowerPoint 2019, Access 2019, Publisher 2019, and Outlook 2019 are all here in Office 2019. Take your documents and presentations to the next level. With Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus, you get everything you need for business, This major upgrade of Office has new features in every application. These new features enhance productivity, help you better analyze your data, and stay on top of the game in today’s fast-paced work environment.


What’s new in Word 2019

Dark theme: Microsoft joins the trend to offer a dark version of the application interface.

Learning tools: Captures and audio descriptions can be used to teach how to use some functions of the application.

Overcome a language barrier: With Microsoft translator you can translate sentences into other languages.

Text-to-speech: It offers the possibility of making a dictation to Word with the microphone and the application will transcribe what we say.

Improvements in drawing mode pencils: If you have a touch screen you will have more drawing options, you can highlight something important, draw, perform calculations …

Focus mode: A new way to display text for seamless reading while highlighting text as it is read.

Accessibility improvements: Help ensure that documents are accessible to people of all functions and improve your own productivity with these tools.

LaTeX syntax in equations: Word now supports LaTeX math syntax for creating and editing math equations


What’s new in Excel 2019

2D maps: With the new version of Excel you can create graphics with maps in your documents.

Funnel charts: They show values through various phases of a process.

PowerPivot and PowerQuery enhancements

Compatible with Power BI: If you have a Power BI subscription, you can now publish files that have been saved locally to Power BI.

New data analysis functions: Including CONCAT, SI, SET…


What’s new in Outlook 2019

Focused Inbox: Focused Inbox allows us to focus on the messages that matter most by dividing the email into two tabs, Focused and Other.

Improved contact cards: New design when viewing your contacts.

Travel summary cards and deliveries

Mentions: You can also @mention other people like in messaging apps.

Three time zone display: Allows the option to add multiple time zones to the calendar to easily see the availability of users in each zone.

Listen to your emails: Outlook will be able to read your email messages out loud.


What’s new in PowerPoint 2019

Zoom capabilities for ordering slides in presentations.

Morphing Transition: The Morphing transition lets you animate smooth movement from one slide to the next.

Vector graphics to add visual impact: You can insert and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG) images in presentations to create crisp, well-designed content.

Possibility to insert and manage icons and 3D models.

Improvements in the compatibility with the pencil: You will be able to add effects of input of pencil, erase with precision, straight edge …


What’s new in Access 2019

Visualize your data with new charts: You can choose from 11 new charts, including bar, column and line charts.

Support for Large Numbers (bigint): The Large Number data type stores a numeric, non-monetary value and is compatible with the SQL_BIGINT data type in ODBC.

New label name property for controls.

Navigation panel scrolling improvements.


Do you have any questions? Contact us through our online chat available 24/7 and one of our representatives will attend you immediately.


Applications included

• Word


• Outlook


• Access

• OneNote

• Publisher



License details

• Brand: Microsoft

• Format: Single use – Digital license

• Platform: Office 2019

• License Type: Perpetual

• Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit

• Users supported: 1 User

• Activation available in: Worldwide

• Estimated delivery time: 30 minutes

• Language: Available in all languages (it is possible to change language settings after installation; additional language packs are also available to be downloaded and installed separately)


System requirements

• Processor: 1.6 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2-core.

• Memory: 4 GB RAM (32 bit); 6 GB RAM (64 bit)

• Hard disk space: 4.0 GB available disk space

 Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card

• Required connectivity: Internet access

• Operating system: Windows 10, Windows Server 2019



Download Office 2019 Professional Plus ISO image directly without ads and without viruses. Just click on the link below:

Download Office 2019 Professional Plus


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