Differences between OEM licenses, RETAIL licenses and BINDABLE licenses.

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Are you trying to buy a Windows key or an Office key? It seems simple, but it is not. The reality is that you will find OEM (System Builder) licenses the “economic”, RETAIL licenses that are moderately expensive and the BINDABLE licenses that are the most expensive. So the question that arises is: What is the difference between these versions?

Differences between OEM, RETAIL and BINDABLE keys.

Before continuing, we must clarify that, in terms of functions, the three types of license are identical, that is, by installing an OEM version, a RETAIL version, or a BINDABLE version, your Windows or your Office works as the same way. But let’s get to know the differences a little more in detail.

Licenses are used for different purposes

The three types of license differ conceptually. The OEM license is intended for manufacturers of hardware integrators, who build PCs and then sell to third parties.

The RETAIL license and the BINDABLE license are intended for the general public.

OEM licenses (System Builder / OEM)

These licenses are used by equipment manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers). They are used not only by large manufacturers such as IBM, Asus or Dell, but also by small integrators and computer stores, where we can buy computers with custom configurations. This type of license is linked to the PC where it is installed for the first time and forever. It cannot be used on another PC.

Cannot be used to upgrade the system: The OEM copy of Windows cannot be used to upgrade an older version of Windows. For example, upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 or from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. The license is designed for installation on new computers, which do not yet have an operating system.

RETAIL licenses

These are the standard consumer licenses for Windows or Office. They have been designed for normal computer users, who intend to purchase a license to upgrade their machine to a new version of Windows. This type of license allows the user to install Windows on any computer and even change it to another, but the same license can only be installed on a single computer at a time.

BINDABLE licenses

These licenses have all the features of the RETAIL version but additionally provides the option to bind the license to your Microsoft account which will allow you to perform unlimited reinstallations even on a different PC as long as there is only one active installation.

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