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Microsoft Windows is a computer operating system with a graphical user interface.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Volume License

Buy now Windows 10 Professional Volume License at the best price. Place your order now and we will send you the Windows 10 Professional Multiple Activation Key and the purchase invoice directly by email.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Professional Multiple Activation Key will allow you to activate the users that your company needs. Secure activation for life at a great price. Save money, time and optimize your business by choosing the right software.


Important Multiple Activation Key Information

  1. It is recommended to hire an IT professional for the activation of this license.
  2. Before purchasing the multiple activation key make sure you correctly choose the number of users you wish to activate.
  3. Myonlysoftware does not provide downloadable software or login credentials for VLSC.
  4. Mydigitallicenses only sells the Multiple Activation Key.



Windows 10 Pro is designed for power users and businesses with needs that your’ average everyday user doesn’t even need to consider, so it’s perfect for IT professionals with high demands, designers who need a powerful machine to drive their creativity, and anyone else that just needs the best of the best.

Everyday users on Windows Pro devices can now encrypt data locally and manage storage space more efficiently than ever before thanks to features like Storage Spaces Direct (S SD). Whether you have one computer or lots of computers in your home office as well as cloud-based services across numerous providers, SSD automatically configures them all into pools shared by everyone from an organization without any hassle. And when someone leaves or changes jobs within an organization they no longer get access to sensitive files because everything is encrypted end-to-end — even in transit over public networks such as the Internet.

It also allows you to deploy custom applications in parallel on the same device with legacy apps, and takes full advantage of Microsoft’s increasingly intelligent cloud services. It offers advanced security protections as well as integrated virtualization capabilities that help keep your data safe in an always-connected world. And when they’re running Windows Pro, all Office 365 users will have access to its many benefits like new document collaboration features for teams and AI tools that can analyze business intelligence reports faster than ever before. You’ll be able to do more while working fewer hours or being out less often thanks to powerful remote connectivity built into the operating system itself!

This operating system also has improved features that make it easier for IT professionals in an organization to remotely manage PCs on their network as well as protect them from threats such as hackers, malware or viruses.


Windows Hello

Sign in to your Windows devices with Windows Hello in less than 2 seconds?3 times faster than a password. Facial or fingerprint recognition provides instant access, and you always have the option of retaining a PIN as a backup.


Keep your files safe with BitLocker, and get the same security on removable storage devices with BitLocker to Go. Windows 10 lets you create your own private app section in the Windows Store for convenient access to company applications.

Block malicious software

To block malicious software after the boot process is complete, Windows 10 includes two signature features that will be new to any organization that is migrating directly from Windows 7: Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen.


Cortana can provide notifications about appointments and deadlines, suggest documents you may need for an upcoming meeting, and keep your group calendar in sync. Easily create, modify, and open lists with just your voice. And Cortana seamlessly integrates with other Windows apps, like Sticky Notes, Ink reminders, and Microsoft To-Do events.

The multitasking features with Office

You can arrange your screen however you want. Easily manage multiple Office apps and docs on one screen, and effortlessly snap up to four of them to optimize your workspace. You can also slide the shared edge of snapped apps to wherever you want it, easily resizing both apps in a single motion.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser built for Windows 10. It’s optimized for the modern web, but is still compatible with legacy apps and sites.


This gives the user the ability to section off a portion of the hard drive as a virtual PC. This allows for the building and testing off apps and software that won’t jeopardize the actual machine.


This operating system allows for the scheduling of updates for off business hours so that it doesn’t affect daily productivity.


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Volume license details

• Brand: Microsoft

• Format: Volume license

• Platform: Windows 10

• Compatibility: 32-bit and 64-bit

• License Type: Perpetual

• Users supported: Buyer’s choice

• Activation available in: Worldwide

• Estimated delivery time: 1 – 4 hours

• Language: Available in all languages (it is possible to change language settings after installation; additional language packs are also available to be downloaded and installed separately)


System requirements

• Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster

• Memory: 2 GB RAM (32 bit); 4 GB RAM (64 bit)

• Hard disk space: Up to 20 GB available hard disk space

Graphics: DirectX 10 graphics card

• Required connectivity: Internet access


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